Secured Ways to Convert MSG to PDF With Attachments in 2023

MSG file is an email message saved within Outlook and contains essential attachments sensitive for many users. Some MSG files also contain attachments that need to be shared. So, many users want to know how to convert MSG to PDF with attachments. Though, both file formats are widely used and serve specific needs for users. So, before moving on to the methods to save Outlook MSG as PDF, I will tell you the possible reasons.

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To know why users export MSG files to PDF, you need to read the next section thoroughly.

Causes to Save MSG File With Attachment as PDF

Users need to convert MSG to PDF with attachments for many reasons. Those are mentioned below:

  • As a need to Free Up Space of MS Outlook by deleting MSG files from the server.
  • Creating a backup of MSG files in a single folder to use whenever required.
  • Generating PDF files from MSG to use the document for online sharing.
  • Password-protecting MSG files by exporting them to PDF.

The above reasons tell us why a user needs to convert MSG to PDF with attachment. These reasons could vary for many users. But the steps to transfer MSG files to PDF documents with attachments are the same as described below. Sometimes users also want to Import MSG to Gmail, if you are one of them then go through this article.

Methods to Convert MSG to PDF with Attachments

Most users do not know the local ways to convert MSG files to PDF with attachments. But, there are two ways to attain export MSG to PDF. Users need to follow them as mentioned below:

  1. Open MSG file in MS Outlook to convert MSG file to HTML.
  2. Save the HTML file to PDF by opening the HTML file in MS Word.

Open MSG file in MS Outlook to convert MSG file to HTML

By following the given methods, users will be able to convert MSG files to HTML. These converted HTML files are accessed in MS Word to convert MSG to PDF with attachments.

To open MSG file in MS Outlook, follow the given steps:

    • Locate the MSG file with attachments in your local system.

Convert MSG to PDF with attachments

    • Right-Click on the MSG file to Open with MS Outlook.

click on open

    • In MS Outlook, go to the File tab, then select Save As.

Convert MSG to PDF

    • Here, define the File name, and set the file type as HTML. Click on the Save button.

define file name

Save the HTML File to PDF by Opening the HTML File in MS Word

After converting to HTML, the user needs to save the HTML file to PDF. At the end of the given procedures, the users can fulfill the desire to convert MSG files to PDF with attachments.

To Save HTML file as PDF, follow the following steps:

    • Find the MSG converted HTML file on the PC.
    • Right-Click on the HTML document, then select the Open with Word option.

go to open with then word

    • Now, go to the File menu in MS Word.

export MSG to PDF

    • Click on the Save As button, and browse to set a destination.

save as then browse

    • Here, give a name to your file, then select the PDF option from the drop-down.

MSG file to PDF

    • At last, click on the Save button.

convert MSG to PDF with attachments

Now, you have successfully fulfilled the need to convert MSG to PDF with attachments.


The above methods are useful ways that can save MSG to PDF on the local PC, yet these methods have their limitations:

  1. The users may not be able to perform these methods if they are a novice.
  2. The procedure to convert MSG files to PDF format is time-consuming.
  3. There is no surety of data integrity.
  4. Users can convert a single file at a time.

Convert MSG to PDF Online Free

The MSG to PDF Exporter utility enables users to add multiple files for bulk conversion of MSG file to PDF. This tool can convert MSG to PDF with attachments without harming the data of MSG files. Users also get a feature to save converted documents at the desired location. Moreover, MSG to PDF Exporter software provides an interactive GUI that helps non-technical users to work swiftly and save time.

Wrap Up

For users, this article helps to convert MSG to PDF with attachments. I first mentioned the reasons why a person needs MSG files exported to PDF. The methods discussed above provide a solution to export MSG files to PDF. But, the given methods also have their limitations. So, to clear off the hardships, I have provided the best-used utility for swift working.

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