Learn How to Import PST File into Office 365 Webmail in 2021

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  • Updated on October 18th, 2022

As we all know, Microsoft Outlook is an email client that already has several inbuilt features. But sometimes we still have to switch to other platforms as needed by the situation. Similarly, you may need to import the PST file to Office 365 webmail in certain cases when you are facing issues in moving archived mail from a PST file to Office 365. And here the question arises How to Import PST File into Office 365 Webmail?. So, this far-reaching guide will help you in this situation.

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Know about PST file and Office 365

PST File: PST or .pst (Personal Storage Table) is a Microsoft Outlook email server file extension. This allows its users to access multiple account items configured to Outlook for each user through a private Outlook data file. Upon configuring every account with Outlook, it will always save that data in the format of a .pst folder when a new item appears.

Office 365: Office 365 is a web-mail Outlook similar to MS Outlook (a desktop-based application) and is therefore popularly referred to as OWA- Outlook Web Access. Any new items will be saved to your database in Office 365 and can only be accessed over the internet via a browser.

How to Import PST File into Office 365 Webmail Environment?

Steps to Restore Archived PST File into Office 365 Manually

Archiving PST files is a process of moving the old at another place, unlikely it is not a process of copying the files. AutoArchive facility of Microsoft Outlook do the same process to move (not copy!) your older items as well. But when you don’t have an archive file, a backup of PST. Archive pst file is easily accessed by any email client then firstly you have to locate the PST archive folder.

1. Locate Mail Archive Folder

If you’re not sure if mail is stored in archive files or not, you’ll need to open your Outlook email client and look at the folder inventory on the left.

  • You will need to ensure that the Home tab is selected for Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016.
  • If your Outlook version accesses an archive file stored locally, it will be listed under the other folder entries (Inbox, Sent Objects, Drafts) and started with its triangle icon.
  • If you want to make sure a listing on your local system is a PST file, click the name once to highlight it.
  • Then right-click the secondary menu to bring up.
  • If Data File Properties are listed as an option, then a PST file will be the file you selected.
2. Import PST to Microsoft Office 365 Online Archive
  • Open and create an administrator account in office 365.
  • Sign in to Office 365 as other users and add Outlook Profile into it.
  • Once you are signed in as another user, you can see and add mailboxes for other users as well.
  • Click File>>Import and Export>>Next.
  • To store your PST file, pick Outlook Data File (.pst) >> press Next >> Press Select.
  • Under Options, you will see three sub-options just below the browse tab, select Do not import duplicates.
  • Click Next >> to enter the correct password and click the OK button if you have encrypted your PST file with a password.
  • And if the PST file is not locked with any code, a pop-up box will appear after you press Next to tell you to pick the directory from which to import. Here you can pick the folder of the Inbox or any file in your Outlook mailbox.
  • Search the box pointing to Include subfolders after you have selected the file to import.
  • You’ll see two options: Import items into the current folder and Import items into the same folder just below the Include subfolders >> select the box pointing to Import items into the same folder in.
  • After completing successfully all of the above steps, press Finish completing the process.

A Third-Party Solution for Moving Archived Mail from a PST File to Office 365

Office 365 Backup utility restores all PST emails or archived PST mail into Office 365 and also saves and downloads office365 mailbox to PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, MBOX, HTML, and MHTML. It is the fastest method to know How to Import PST File into Office 365 Webmail?.

Now move further to know more about Office365 Backup.

How Office365 Backup helps to Import the PST file into Office 365 Webmail?

  1. Launch Office 365 restore utility first and then select the Restore option.
  2. Then enter Office 365’s correct credentials where the mail must be restored.
  3. Click the Add PST Files button and pick the added PST file.
  4. Choose the email address to import the PST file.
  5. Select the folders to be restored in Office 365 and, if necessary, add Date Range Filter.
  6. Once all the files are successfully imported, a confirmation dialog box will appear.

Last Words

We have discussed both manual and alternate approaches to learn How to Import PST File into Office 365 Webmail online archive. If you are facing issues with a manual approach regarding time or its results then you may move to Office 365 backup utility. It archived mail from a pst file to Office 365 quickly and provide you best results.

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