Privacy Policy

Client data privacy holds the top most priority for us. We make all possible efforts to protect the information of our clients. All we want is the fact that our customers are left behind when we launch a new product or a new update of the product. We just want the customers to be regularly updated about the new offers and we try to provide the best service related to customer support and handling your queries.

Is it compulsory to give your information?

Absolutely Not!! The user does not need to provide any information to browse the website.

The user is free to visit any of the web site pages at will and making the necessary product choices. It is up to you whether you want to provide your details or not. It just helps us to serve you better.

What do we do with your procided information?

Your information is kept confidential at all costs. We comply with the IT Act 2000, making it utmost important for us to protect your information. All your information is protected in our database and only authoritative employees have the right to access it.

Our Payment Policy

The details that the users provide during the purchase process are in encrypted form. It is inaccessible to us. So, its perfectly safe to provide your financial details during the payment process. We do not sell or distribute your information to the third party, making it totally secure.

What do we do with your information?

For Online Order- As we get most of the orders online, we have to keep the users informed about their order details like “Date and Time of Order”, “Order Confirmation”, “Product Tracking”. This is the only reason why we need your Email ID. Our team sends various online order documents and other details to the customer on the same email id.

For Technical Support- We provide technical help and support to the customer related to the software purchased. We use the email id to provide suggestions and solutions to the customers in case of any difficulty.

For Sending Updates- We always want our customers to be updated of the new offers and technology updates. We use your email to provide you with the new updates as soon as possible.

Security- At Mailconvertertools, the sole purpose of taking user information just to make sure that our customer is authentic and he has no unlawful intentions of visiting our website. If a user faces any security issues then Mailconvertertools would not take any claim. Security totally depends on the will of the visitor. The only thing we can offer is the assurance to your information security.