Tips & Tricks to Forward Yahoo Mail to Gmail – A Do-it-Yourself Guide

forward yahoo mail to gmail

Yahoo Mail is one of the earliest email sharing platforms introduced in the year 1997. The email service provides its users with four email plans. Three of them for individual use and one of them for organizational use. Although this email platform is prone to hackers. Everybody must know that it was hacked in the year 2016. There are tremendous changes in the technology that creates the need to forward yahoo mail to Gmail. 

If you are one of the users who are in search of converting Yahoo mail to Gmail. Then you are at the appropriate place of yours. Here, in this article, we will discuss methods to convert Yahoo emails to Gmail. So, Let’s start with understanding the reason to migrate from Yahoo mails to Gmail.

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Why it is needed to Convert Yahoo Mail to Gmail?

There are several reasons due to which users need to migrate from Yahoo email to Gmail. 

  • Yahoo mail has slower execution as compared to Gmail.
  • Due to irrelevant ads.
  • Also, This mail is easily vulnerable to hackers.
  • The GUI of Yahoo mail is a little complicated. 
  • And, Gmail is one of the best choices as it leverages its users with the facility as Google Drive, Google Docs, Hangouts, contacts and calendars, etc. 

After discussing the reasons to forward Yahoo Mail to Gmail, let’s move ahead with the methods. 

Forward Yahoo Mail to Gmail Manually

Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully to export Yahoo mails to Gmail:

  1. View the Gmail Account and navigate to Settings.
  2. Tap on Accounts and Import tab available in the middle of the setting page.
  3. Tap on Import Mail and contacts option.
  4. A pop-up window will be displayed here, provide your Yahoo Email ID and Hit Next.

Note: You have to make confirmation of the Shuttle Cloud Migration request to your Email contacts by hitting the Agree button.

  1. Now, You will be asked to choose the multiple items to export such as Contacts and Email. Tap on Start to import Yahoo Emails to Gmail.

The process gets started immediately but takes up to two days to finish as per the size of the mailbox data. 

Consequences/Limitations of Manual Methods

There are several consequences of the manual method to convert Yahoo Mail to Gmail. Some of the common issues are mentioned below:

  • Time-Consuming and Lengthy process. 
  • Also, Data-loss is a major issue.
  • Email Filtration option is not provided so you can not select the specific Emails. 
  • Import Procedure gets interrupted due to synchronization. 
  • Novice users can not use this method successfully as it involves several complicated steps.

Due to all these consequences, it is better recommended to use professional methods Now, let’s discuss the Professional method.

Professional Method to Forward Yahoo Mail to Gmail

The professional method involves the use of professional utility for a secure conversion. Several utilities are available to help you out one of the best utilities is Yahoo Mail Backup Tool. This tool enables its users to Forward Yahoo Mail to Gmail. 

Exclusive Features

  • Enables users to backup Yahoo emails to the computer, USB, or hard drives.
  • It allows users to save emails in various formats such as PST, CSV, EML, EMLX, HTML, etc. 
  • One can directly move the Yahoo emails into Thunderbird, Outlook, Gmail, Office 365.
  • The date range filter is the most unique feature that enables users to convert selected Yahoo emails.
  • Interactive and self intuitive GUI that can be easily used by the novice users and the beginners.

Final Verdicts!!

Here, in this blog, we discussed the best possible methods to forward Yahoo Mail to Gmail. Manual as well as professional utility is discussed here. It is always recommended to use safe and secure professional utilities when it comes to your crucial data. So that any data-loss issue can be prevented. You can opt for any of them independently.

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