Easy Tricks to Backup Yahoo Mail to Computer Manually

Yahoo Mail is one of the most widely used email clients globally. Also, with the advancement in technology, emails have been an integral part of day-to-day communication both personally and professionally. But several email clients, including Yahoo, have been victimized by cyber-attacks which made its user’s data vulnerable to theft and misuse. Hence, the need to backup Yahoo Mail to computer arose to new extents.

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Moreover, several users avoid using Yahoo Mail due to the lack of an official method to backup email. But it’s completely false that you can not backup Yahoo emails to the computer. There are several ways through which you can do that. We will discuss them here. But before that, let us look at some of the reasons to backup Yahoo Mail.

Why Backup Yahoo Mail to Computer

Depending on varied factors, everyone can have different reasons to save Yahoo email to a computer. Hence, we have shortlisted the best reasons for you, which are as follows:

  • To secure your data from cyber-attacks.
  • Addition deletion is another common reason to backup Yahoo Mail to computer.
  • You should create a backup for special situations, such as forgetting your password or your account getting blocked due to any reason.
  • Creating a backup is necessary if you want to migrate to a new email client.
  • Protect your data from viruses and malware.

Due to such reasons, several users want to create a backup of their Yahoo Mail data. Sometimes users face issues with Yahoo mail not receiving emails you can resolve it by using an automated solution. If you are also among them, then you have landed at the right place. Let us now quickly move towards learning the ways for the latter. 

How to Save Yahoo Email to My Computer

Several solutions are available on the internet to secure your Yahoo Mail. Anyone can choose among them as per their requirements. Here, we have narrowed down the best ways to backup Yahoo Mail to computer manually, which are as follows:

  1. By copying and pasting emails
  2. Using a Desktop Email Client

We will discuss both of them in detail now.

  • By Copying and Pasting Emails

Copying and pasting email is the simplest way to create a backup of Yahoo Mail. Its name itself explains this way. Proceed as given for Yahoo Mail backup creation.

  • First of all, log in to your Yahoo Mail account using your login credentials.
  • Now, open and copy the emails you want to save one after the other.
  • After that, open any word processor like Word, Notepad, etc., of your choice and paste the email there.
  • At last, save them by pressing Ctrl+S and selecting your desired format like PDF, Docx, etc.
  • Repeat the same process for each mail to backup Yahoo Mail to computer.
  • Using a Desktop Email Client

Desktop Email clients are the best options available in every system for accessing emails. You can access multiple email accounts from different email clients at one place using them. Several desktop email clients are available, like Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, etc. Here, we will illustrate how to create a Yahoo Mail backup using Microsoft Outlook.

But before proceeding to the steps, you need to create an app password for your Yahoo account. For any help regarding the creation of an app password, click here. Firstly, we require to link our Yahoo Mail account to Outlook as follows:

  1. First, launch Microsoft Outlook and navigate to the File menu.
  2. Now, click on Add Account.
  3. On the next window, enter your Yahoo Mail address and press Next.
  4. After that, enter the previously created app password and hit the Next button.
  5. Finally, you can find your Yahoo account in MS Outlook.

Now that you have your Yahoo account in Outlook. Let us move towards exporting emails to backup Yahoo mail to computer as follows:

  • Once again, go to the File menu and click on Import/Export option under the Open & Export menu.
  • On the next window, choose Export to a file from the list and click on the Next button.
  • After that, select Outlook Data File (.pst) on the next window and hit Next.
  • Now, select all the folders you want a backup for and click Next.
  • At last, pick up a location for the resultant backup file and click the Finish button to complete the process.
  • Finally, you can find your backup at the specified location.

Similarly, you can create a backup using other desktop email clients such as Thunderbird. The above methods need deep knowledge to execute the process. Here, the question arises how do you save yahoo emails to your computer? If you want to backup Yahoo mail to computer, then you can opt for a professional method.

Professional Method to Backup Yahoo Mail

 Yahoo Mail  Backup tool is the expert-advised solution to backup Yahoo emails. Using the software users can easily backup their Yahoo mailboxes to  computer or any other storage device. Moreover, the software also allows users to Forward Yahoo mail to Gmail, Office 365, AOL, Yandex Mail, iCloud, etc. email clients.


As the above write-up is dedicated to the tricks to backup Yahoo mail to computer manually. Within the blog, you will get different solutions for the backup of Yahoo emails with the reasons. Sometimes, users find it complicated to perform the process with free-hand techniques. For those users, I have mentioned a professional solution to do so.

About The Author:

Amrita Yadav is a content writer in the field of Email Migration, Data Recovery, Email backup, and File Management. I started this writing career two years back. I think the vast range of information in this industry is the reason I am so fascinated to read about the newer techniques and technology.

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