Learn How to Import Yahoo Contacts to iCloud Account

Do you want to import Yahoo contacts to iCloud? Users generally prefer iCloud, when switching to Mac devices. It allows you to access Contacts from any Mac device with ease. Therefore, we will discuss two important methods to transfer all your Yahoo Contacts to iCloud. Well, the most preferred choice is using the Yahoo Backup Tool for secure and efficient migration.

Yahoo Mail is like a digital mailbox where you can send and receive emails. Additionally, Yahoo Contacts is a part of Yahoo Mail where you store your contacts’ info. on the other hand, iCloud is Apple’s cloud service where you can store many things, including your contacts, photos, and files. But, what advantages of iCloud make users move contacts from Yahoo to iCloud? Let us discuss this further.

Import Yahoo Contacts to iCloud- The Why?

It’s all about the convenience of accessing your Contacts on different devices. Right? Similarly, migrating your Yahoo Contacts to iCloud can bring some handy perks. Such as:

  • Firstly, it’s about keeping all your contact info safe and sound in one spot.
  • Additionally, accessing Contacts across different Apple devices is hassle-free.
  • iCloud syncs across your Apple devices, so whether you’re on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, your contacts are right there.
  • No need to manually transfer contacts each time you switch devices. Just sync once, and you’re set.

Let us now find out the right procedure to carry out the migration without any hassle.

How do I Move Yahoo Contacts to My iCloud Account?

There are two ways to deal with this, one involves using manual steps and is free of cost. However, it can be lacking to some extent. Another, instead of facing the drawbacks of the manual steps, you can opt for a dedicated tool. We will begin with the free method first.

#1. Import Yahoo Contacts to iCloud- Free Method

Here are a few simple steps to move your Yahoo contacts to iCloud. Do as steps follow:

Step 1: Save Yahoo Contacts into CSV

The first step involves transferring Yahoo Contacts into CSV and saving it locally:

  1. Go to Yahoo Mail and log in.
  2. Next, click on the Contacts icon.
  3. Select ‘More Options’ and pick ‘Export to CSV File.
  4. All your Yahoo contacts will be saved as a CSV file.

Step 2: Change Yahoo CSV to vCard File

Next, to import Yahoo CSV to iCloud, it is important to convert CSV to vCard. Follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Windows key + R simultaneously to open a box.
  2. Now, type ‘Contacts’ in the run window and click OK.
  3. Drag your saved CSV file into this folder.
  4. Click ‘Export’ and choose ‘vCard’ format.

Your CSV file will turn into a vCard file, which iCloud supports.

Step 3: Import the vCard File into iCloud

This is the last step to import Yahoo Mail Contacts to iCloud account. Now, you need to transfer the converted vCard to iCloud and you can access your contacts on Mac:

  1. Open iCloud and log in to it.
  2. Use the Import option to add the vCard file.
  3. Once added, you’ll see all your Yahoo contacts in iCloud.

So, this was how you can manually backup all your Yahoo Mail Contacts on iCloud. Once you’ve imported them, make sure to check your iCloud Contacts to see if they’re all there. However, many users find it difficult to perform and thus fail. So, here is an alternative procedure to do so.

Dedicated Tool to Import Yahoo Contacts to iCloud

One of the best procedures that you will find to transfer all Yahoo data is MailConverterTools Yahoo Mail Backup Tool. It provides a dependable and effective method for users to create backups of their Yahoo Contacts and other mailbox data. You simply migrate Yahoo Contacts to various email clients, including iCloud. Moreover, you don’t have to go through any complicated procedure to complete the migration. Apart from this, you get multiple features to make migration precise and accurate. Some of its features are listed below:

  1. You can migrate complete mailbox data to iCloud at once.
  2. Allows users to eliminate duplicates during migration.
  3. The Date filter for selective migration of emails and Contacts.
  4. Compatible with all versions of Windows OS and easy to operate.

Further, follow the given steps to transfer Yahoo Contacts to iCloud:

  1. Download and run the tool on your system.
  2. Enter credentials and log in to your Yahoo Mail.
  3. From the preview, select the Contacts folder and tap Next.
  4. Choose iCloud from the destination list of email clients.
  5. Enter your iCloud login details and login.
  6. Now, choose the built-in filters if needed and click Convert.

Hence, this is the most convenient and reliable method you will get to move contacts from Yahoo to iCloud online. You can also use the free tool to get a better understanding of its features and workings.


Now you must be clear about how to import Yahoo Contacts to iCloud. There are many benefits of switching to iCloud such as easy access to contacts on different Apple devices and much more. So, you can either opt for a free manual process or an easy professional tool. Just make sure that your Yahoo contacts are secure and confidential.

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