Recover 0kb Outlook Data File by PST 0kb Recovery

In this article, we will study about 0kb PST Problem, one such error faced by many regular users of Outlook. Let’s learn to fight this problem by performing Outlook PST 0kb recovery

As we know, PST is a Microsoft Outlook’s personal storage file that can stores up to 2 GB data. It is used for POP, IMAP, and web account email. But if data get corrupted then it becomes the file of 0 kb because of which data become inaccessible. You don’t worry because with the help of this article you will get to know that how can you recover data from a 0 kb Outlook PST file.

What is the 0KB error for PST file?

It is caused when the PST file is accidentally truncated. It occurs when your normal PST file starts displaying as 0-byte size and then you are unable to open that file.

The Reason Behind 0 kb Outlook PST file

  • When you share your file through the unsecured network.
  • If anyone tries to compact the PST file.
  • the ard disk consists of the bad sector.
  • If your pst file exceeds the file size then it will damage the PST header.
  • Because of hardware or software system crashed
  • The breakdown in the system.

We have discussed what pst is what is the reason for getting an error and now let talk about the solution for that error. We can repair and recover data from the 0kb pst file with the help of some discussed ways.

Method 1 Recover data from Backup

One should always create the backup of data because that will help you to recover your data.
To follow this method firstly make a new PST file, import data in it. You can even use the backup as default.

1. Run MS Outlook.
2. From the file tab clicks on open(Data file for recovering data from backup).
3. Go to file and then open and import.

Method 2 Auto-Archive Outlook PST

To use this method follow the below-mentioned steps
1 Open MS Outlook.
2. Go to file, click on option then select advanced.
3. From Auto, the Archive section clicks on Auto Archive setting option.
4. A new wizard will appear.
5. With the help of browse select the destination folder in windows explorer.

Method 3 Scan PST .exe

1. Make sure no PST attribute is open if any PST file is open then close it and then close Outlook.
2. Run ScanPST .exe.
3. Click on the PST file you want to scan.
4. Click on the start button. The scanning process starts.
5. Once the scanning is completed error will be displayed. With the help of this backup of a file will be created. Given the name to the file and click on repair.
6. Your pst file will be rebuilt. Open your outlook and from the menu, list chooses the folder of the file.
7. Search “lost found” or “recovered file” in the consecutive window.

If the issue is not resolved then choose the second way to repair the PST file that is a third-party tool.

Alternative & Quick Solution

Outlook PST Recovery is an easy and automated method to recover data corrupted/deleted PST files. It is one such process for PST 0kb recovery to repair the PST data file containing the password. It efficiently scans the corrupted file and extracts data from it.


Above mentioned methods will help you to recover 0kb PST File of Outlook data file by solving the 0kb Outlook file problem. The manual method is not always effective and even requires some technical knowledge to follow the steps correctly. The manual method does not guarantee you to recover your data 100%. Therefore I suggest you use Outlook email recovery software as it is saved to use.

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