Worried About Yahoo Mail Security? – A Complete Guide on Yahoo Mail Protection

If you are worried about Yahoo mail security. Well! It is a valid concern. Everyone wants their important personal or professional database to be secure. Yahoo is undoubtedly the most popular and safe platform providing multiple features for security. But people sometimes worry about their data and want some extra security so that their data would be secured from hackers. In the past few years, Yahoo faced lots of security hacks and Data intrusions. Sometimes, Yahoo users also face the issue of Yahoo mail not receiving emails.

In this blog, we will discuss Yahoo mail Protection, What are the steps you can follow in terms of security for your important emails?

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Several Ways To Increase Yahoo Mail Security

Approach 1. Set a Strong Password for your account

Setting up a really strong password is a must. This is a basic account security tip. If you are using a simple password that can easily be used by any hacker then it could be a mess-up for your Yahoo account. And could be a misuse of your account and important data. That’s why, all you need to do is create a strong password of your account using numbers, characters, and special characters. Even if you have created a strong password then also you should upgrade it over a period of time for security purposes.

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  • Firstly “Login” to your account, Go to your Profile in the top-right corner of the Yahoo panel and “Click” on the “Account info”
  • Click on the “Account Security”.
  • Click on the “Change Password” and then enter your new password twice. After that click on the “Continue” button.
Yahoo Mail Security

Approach 2. Update your Account Recovery information

You can add account recovery details like your phone number or email ID to get back to your Yahoo account in case you are locked out or forgot your yahoo account password. This becomes important to ensure and update the information before that becomes too late for you. For doing this –

  • Click on the “Account info”,  and then go to the “Account security” tab.
  • You will see account recovery credentials. Add contact details you regularly use. Pick add recovery Email/Phone and fill out the correct info.
  • If you select the “Phone number” then you will get a verification code or Call for verification and if you want to add an email address then you will get a link on the same email ID to verify the email address.

Approach 3. Enable Two-step verification

Two-step verification is the best approach to secure your yahoo account and does the spam protection for yahoo mail. When it gets activated, you need to enter the code sent to your mobile phone to sign in. This process ensures that even if anyone steals your password and wants to use your yahoo account then he can’t get access to your account without entering the code provided on your phone to ensure the yahoo mail security. To enable –

  • Go to the “Account info”, and then click on the “Account security”.
  • Switch on the Two-step verification, enter your phone number for verification.
  • Choose whether you want to get verification code via text or call.
  • After getting the code, Enter it and click on “verify”.

You can create app-specific passwords as some of the applications, such as Outlook and Mail ioS doesn’t support the two-step verification. If in case you skip it, you can create a password afterward by clicking on the “Manage app passwords” option and then “Generate” after filling the credentials.

Approach 4. Beware of Phishing Emails

Phishing is something we need to look around to keep our data safe. Beware with the fake messages whose intentions are to steal your account’s data. Never click on the links from the unknown Emails.

In the Yahoo account, you will get to see the purple Y yahoo icon to the left or contact info. Do not trust those messages instead, Scammers find ways to fake this.

This also plays a vital role in spam protection for yahoo mail.

Approach 5. Review your account history Regularly

Yahoo shows all your account activities. If you see any abnormal activities in the log, you should directly change your password right away and you will be logged out from all other devices that are probably using an account and doing activities in theirs.

  • Click on the “account info”. Then select the “Recent activity” tab.
  • Active sessions will appear on the system, which shows the browser and operating system for each.
  • Click on one to see the list of logins on that particular device in the last 30days including locations, the exact time and IP address.
Yahoo Mail Protection


Above we have discussed the complete guide on how you can maintain your yahoo mail security and discussed several steps that you can follow to keep all your database or emails safe. In addition, you can also use Yahoo Backup Tool to keep all your emails safe and create a backup to all your emails with attachments and be relaxed with all your important data. This tool also forward Yahoo mail to Gmail, Office 365 and various other email clients.


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