Effective Solutions To Import PST File To Gmail Manually

Summary: “MS Outlook gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. It has approx., 400 million users around the globe. Still, it is the second most popular email service after Gmail. The majority of the people use Gmail as their primary email client. Therefore, many people have this query of How to open a PST file in Gmail? In this article, you will find the two approaches that will help to import PST file to Gmail.” The first is the manual process and the second is the use of PST Converter.

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Microsoft Outlook stores messages, events, journals, and other items in personal storage. MS Outlook saved these files in PST file format. Many of us are using PST files to transfer data between people and organizations. On the other hand, Gmail is a webmail service that is owned by Google. As a result, many Google services including, Google Drive, Docs, Calendar, Contacts, etc., are integrated with Gmail. Also, you can access Gmail in a web browser or the official Gmail mobile app.

However, PST files are only compatible with Microsoft Outlook for Windows. Therefore, you need to convert PST files into OLM or other Mac-supported formats to view them on Mac OS. It instigates many users to import PST to Gmail. Now, let’s move ahead to understand the benefits of Gmail, due to which many people want to export emails from Outlook.

Why Do We Need To Import PST file to Gmail?

Well, exporting emails from Outlook to Gmail has its advantages. Gmail users can switch devices to access their emails and contacts without depending on any hardware. Apart from this, some more benefits induce the demand to migrate Outlook PST to G Suite.

  1. Google provides the best security to protect your data from threats like malware and ransomware, sync errors, hardware or software failure, etc.
  2. Gmail comes with free storage of 15 GB. You can expand its size by a reasonable amount when required.
  3. You can sign in to various apps with just one Gmail ID.
  4. It has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it simple to manage files and folders.
  5. Gmail has more advanced features as compared with other free webmail services.
  6. Account recovery is more advanced in case you forget the password.
  7. Your data is synchronized instantly irrespective of the devices and operating systems.

How to Import Outlook PST file into Gmail?

There are many ways to import PST to Gmail. In this article, we will discuss the two best ways to Open a PST File to Gmail instantly. These methods are:

  1. Open PST file in Gmail via GSMMO Utility.
  2. A direct approach to migrate Outlook PST file to Gmail.

Method 1: Import Outlook PST File Into Gmail Via GSMMO

GSMMO stands for G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook. It is a free utility provided by Google to migrate Outlook PST to G Suite. It can import messages, contacts, and calendars from Outlook to the preferred Gmail account. You can also read this blog if you want to import MSG to Gmail.

Note: “You need to install Microsoft Outlook in your system to import PST to Gmail. Otherwise, this tool cannot work and shows the error.”

errors in GSMMO applications

Now, you have to execute the following steps carefully to use G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook.

However, there is a prerequisite condition to import PST file to Gmail with the help of the GSMMO application. You need an active Microsoft Outlook application in your system. Otherwise, this application shows the error.

  • Download and install the G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook on your system from the official website.

GSMMO applications interface

  • After that, launch the GSMMO application.

launching GSMMO application

  • Now, enter the login credentials and then click on the Continue button.

continue with login credentials

  • Select the Gmail account to import the Outlook PST file.

select th account

  • Click on the Allow button to grant permission to the GSMMO tool.

/allow permission

  • Now, select the PST file from the given option and click on the Next button. Then, Customize the migration task according to your preferences and hit on the Migrate button. Also, you can select email messages, contacts, and calendars for the migration task.

migration task customization

  • After completion of the migration process, a message will pop up. Then, click OK to proceed.

click ok

  • In the end, open your Gmail account to verify if all the PST files are imported successfully.

open account to verify

There is a direct approach to open a PST File to Gmail without Outlook. It includes the PST Converter software that allows you to import PST to Gmail without installing MS Outlook.

Method 2: Direct Approach Using A Professional Software

The professional technique includes a software utility to enhance data security. Many people prefer a well-featured PST Converter tool to import PST file to Gmail. It saves a lot of time and effort that makes it a more reliable solution to perform this task.

Following are the main attributes of the MCT PST Converter Tool, which is a top-notch utility to execute the conversion process.

  1. It is a safe and reliable tool to convert Outlook PST files into Thunderbird, PDF, EML, MSG, HTML, CSV, MBOX, etc. 
  2. This tool facilitates migrating PST files into Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, IMAP, iCloud, Thunderbird, etc.
  3. It offers some advanced features including, Mail Filter, Batch Conversion, Free up space, etc.
  4. PST file Converter is compatible with all PST files irrespective of the MS Outlook version that generates these PST files.
  5. It has a self-instructive and comprehensive user interface that makes it compatible with any user.

Final Verdict

This article clearly explained the need to import PST file to Gmail by using two different approaches. You can execute the process via the GSMMO application but there might be a chance of data loss. Therefore, the best way to import PST to Gmail is a direct approach using the PST File Converter Tool.

Frequently Asked Question

How to transfer emails from Outlook to Gmail?

You can Open PST Files in Gmail with the help of the Import/Export option in Outlook. But for this, you need to configure your Gmail account in Outlook. However, if you want to transfer Outlook emails to Gmail without Outlook, you can follow the above-discussed methods.

Can I open a PST file in Gmail?

Yes! You can easily open the PST file in Outlook by importing the PST file into it. In addition, if you want to open a PST file to Gmail without Outlook, you can use the GSMMO application. Otherwise, you can try a direct approach by using the MCT PST Converter Tool.

How do I stop Outlook from blocking Gmail?

You can stop Outlook from blocking Gmail by turning on the less secure apps function. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to Gmail with your username and password.
  2. Then, go to the Manage your Google Account option.
  3. After that, click on the Security option.
  4. Navigate to Less secure app access.
  5. Now, Turn on the access. Your account will be automatically updated.

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