Fix NTBACKUP Error 8001 easily

“In the up-writing, we will discuss what NTBackup Error 8001 is? What are the causes for the NTBackup Error 8001 along with how to resolve NTBackup Error 8001? So without out wasting any time let’s get straight into it.”

NTBackup Error 8001

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What is NTBackup Error 8001?

When the user is trying to either add or restore data from a backup (.bkf) file created in Microsoft Windows 2000, the user receives an error stating: [Unrecognized Media].

What are the causes of NTBackup Error 8001?

The main reason for the occurrence of this error is the corruption of the backup file. Also, when the backup file is not validated Windows 2000 backup file format user has to face this error. Usually, when Windows 2000 opens a backup file, it first analyzes the file to be sure that it is a genuine backup file and if the file is corrupted or damaged the backup file process will not add or restore any data to the file.

How to resolve NTBackup Error 8001?  

When a .bkf file becomes inaccessible or corrupted, it cannot be used by Windows 2000 backup to recover the data. So you need to maintain the integrity of a backup file. For that, you need to select verify data right after the backup advanced option while creating any backup. Selecting this option will make sure that your system backups are always completed strongly and should maintain the integrity of the backup files. To be 100% sure also check the backup reports.

Also, partitions that are formatted by using the FAT or FAT32 and NTFS file system have file limitations. For FAT or FAT32 size limitation is 4GB or 4,294,967,294 bytes (2^32 sectors). Whereas in the NTFS file system the maximum file limitation is 16 exabytes (2^64 sectors). So when the backup file is in FAT or FAT32 the backup data exceeds the limitation and the backup process reports with an error message: [Insert media]. In these type of situations backing up process lead to NTBACKUP Error 8001.

But somehow still your backup file got corrupted or damaged them use this BKF Recovery tool which will help and assist you to recover your BKF file in no time.

There are many features that make this tool premium some of which are mentioned below:

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These are the things you should do to avoid NTBACKUP Error 8001 and while backing up your data keep always keep the points that we discussed to keep your BKF files safe. However, if your files get corrupted then you can either opt manual method or use our BKF recovery tool which is a high-end recovery tool that lets the user recover BKF files in a few seconds.

Learn how to restore Windows backup files using Backup Exec BKF Recovery.

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