04 Helpful Ways To Repair Corrupted or Damaged PDF Files

Summary: There are various reasons due to which a PDF file gets corrupted. This write-up delivers the four effective methods to repair corrupted PDF files. It contains manual as well as automated PDF File Recovery solutions to retrieve PDF file data. Additionally, it explains the various reasons that cause corruption in PDF files. 

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PDF files are known for Portable Document Format files. They have emerged as an innovative way to share crucial documents. It enables you to view, access, and share information irrespective of the software, hardware, or operating system. However, all electronic files are vulnerable to viruses and malware attacks. The same applies to the PDF file format too.

Hence, it is a primary concern for those who have critical data in PDF files. Sometimes, PDF files won’t open and become inaccessible due to the influence of viruses or malicious content. It induces a need to find an effective solution to repair corrupted PDF files.

However, it is impossible to know the exact reason behind the damaged or corrupted PDF. Multiple reasons cause such an unexpected outcome. So, How to fix corrupted PDF files? Before moving on to the solution, let’s go through the possible reasons that cause the PDF file corruption.

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Reasons Behind Corrupted or Damaged PDF Files 

While working with PDF files, sometimes Adobe Acrobat is unable to open PDF. Damaged or corrupted PDF files are the main reason behind this. It induces the demand to repair corrupted PDF. 

Following are some of the reasons behind a corrupted or damaged PDF.

1. Failed or Incomplete Download due to Unstable Internet Connection

Sometimes the PDF files are not downloaded properly because of the low internet connectivity. It disturbs the content structure and leads to a damaged or corrupted PDF file. Thus, we need to repair the damaged PDF to retrieve PDF file data.

2. Corruption of PDF due to Hard Drive or Storage Device Failure

The storage media or hard drive may get affected by some virus or malicious content. However, excessive hardware heating and exposure to water also affect hardware storage. All this can lead to a corrupted PDF file. 

3. Unexpected Power Failure or Improper System Shutdown

Sudden failure of the power supply or system shutdown while downloading the PDF files can also cause this issue. Therefore, take necessary precautions to avoid such a scenario. Otherwise, you may lose your crucial file data.

4. PDF File Corruption during File Transfer

Sometimes, while sharing the PDF files via a USB device, the users eject the device directly. It may cause harm to the PDF file, and the receiver gets incomplete data. Therefore, you need to initiate the eject command to avoid this sudden removal of the external storage device.

5. Needs To Repair PDF Due To Virus or Malware Attack

It is the main factor behind corrupted PDF files. Virus and malware attacks can harm your entire system. The root cause of these viruses is browsing or uploading anything from an unfamiliar website. Hence. You have to be cautious while encountering such sites.

After knowing the reasons behind PDF file corruption, let’s move on to the methods used to repair corrupted PDF files.

Best Ways To Repair Corrupted/Damaged PDF Files

Your job is to avoid the root cause that can corrupt or damage your PDF file. However, after taking every precaution, if you are still in this situation then, follow the below-discussed solutions.

Note: It is impossible to ensure 100% PDF file recovery. However, these solutions are the most effective and possible way to recover corrupted PDF file data. 

Solution 1: Try Other PDF Reader

Before searching, How do I fix a PDF file that won’t open? You can try to open your PDF file into another PDF reader. You can find various PDF viewer applications online, such as Foxit Reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Nitro Reader, etc. 

Despite that, if you are still unable to open files, try the next solution to repair corrupted PDF files.

Solution 2: Restore the Previous Version

Fortunately, Windows 10 provides the facility to restore the previous version of your inaccessible PDF file. To use this in-built backup utility tool, perform the following steps:

  • Select the Window option or press the Window key. Then, click on the Setting option.
setting option
  • Now, press the Update and Security option to restore the backup.
update and security

However, if you do not have any previous backup then, 

  • Right-click on your PDF file in Window Explorer. Then, select the Properties option.
  • Switch to the Previous Version and click on the Restore button.

If you do not find any previous version, in that case, try the free online repair tool to retrieve PDF file data.

Solution 3: Repair Corrupted PDF By Using Free Online Repair Tool

There are some free online repair tools that will help you to fix the corruption in small PDF files. However, this repair utility has limitations regarding the number of pages and file size. Therefore, it is not an effective solution to fix corruption in large PDF files. 

Due to this, many experts have recommended opting for a professional PDF Repair Tool for repairing PDF files. 

Solution 4: Use the Professional PDF File Recovery Tool

This professional approach will help to repair corrupted PDF files. Depending upon the severity of corruption, this PDF File Recovery Tool facilitates the Standard and an Advanced recovery mode. 

Following are the steps required to fix corrupted PDFs using the PDF Recovery Software.

Step 1: First, Download and Run software as an administrator.

download and run

Step 2: Then, select the Single or Multiple PDF files.

single and multiple

Step 3: Now, you have to Import the corrupted PDF file. Then, click on the Next option.

import corrupted file

Step 4: Select the Recovery mode (Standard/Advanced). You can opt for the advanced recovery mode in severe PDF file corruption scenarios.

recovery mode

Step 5: After that, you can select the Destination Path of the resultant file folder. Here, you can check the option to Extract Images and Text separately.

extract text and images

Step 6: Click on the Save button to complete the Recovery Process.

save and finish

Final Verdict

After going through this informative write-up, it is clear that PDF files are vulnerable to corruption. Some possible reasons are explained along with the four effective solutions to repair Corrupted PDF files. If manual methods couldn’t retrieve PDF file data, in that case, you can opt for an advanced PDF Recovery Tool.

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