How to Free up Space in Gmail Account, When Memory Gets Filled Out?

When there are many items in Gmail that fill Gmail storage, a question comes up in users’ minds
“How to Free up Space in Gmail Account?”.
“Resolve Gmail is Out of Space?”
“How to Fix Gmail running out of space?”
Therefore, this tech guide will help in this situation which gives all the steps to free up space of Gmail.

Email is still the number one way to communicate with each other for most Internet users. Email plays a major role in many users’ lives. Gmail system is one of the most popular email services, although it has lost some popularity in recent times.

Google typically has 15 GB of storage limit that includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, and contacts. It has plenty of free space, but it easily fills up when you attach contacts, images, documents to Gmail. If the space capability is entirely filled, then no one can insert any items or send or receive emails. So, to free up Gmail space, just follow the below steps one by one.

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How to Free Up Space in Gmail Account?

Follow these 5 tricks to make Gmail Space free:

1. Delete unnecessary Files

The Gmail search box allows you to search for specific types of files so try to check for filename: mp3 or filename: mov. and find the larger attachments. Delete those unnecessary mp3 files as the size limit of the Gmail attachment file is 25 MB.So you may find that this method allows you to free up a significant amount of storage.

Upon opening the search drop-down dialog and ticking the has attachment button, you will find all emails that have attachments regardless of file type. For Office files, one choice is to move them to the native Google Drive formats that don’t count against your space limit.

2. Remove Photos Space

If images use most of the space in Gmail, you have several options to deal with the problem. Only images greater than 2048×2048 pixels count against storage space while lower resolution photographs do not count.

Therefore, one choice you have is to reduce the resolution of uploaded photos to Google+ Photos in order to address this.

And if you manually upload photos to Google, for example after taking them with your camera  and then you are not able to reduce the resolution of your images then to tackle with the problem you have to follow below steps:

  • First, Back up photos to a local system then delete them from Google+ Photos.
  • Next, you can save space, by disabling the automatic photo backup feature and then upload the photos manually as per your own choice.

3. Remove Old Emails

First of all, find all the emails from the Gmail search button. Then remove the old emails that are unnecessary or not in use.

If you’re looking for 2 years older emails, just try entering older than:2y and then you’ll find all emails from more than 2 years ago. Next, choose all of them and click the trash button. By this, the emails are gone forever.

4. Remove Emails from Trash folder

When you delete any file, photographs, or email, these are not deleted permanently. These deleted files automatically moved to the trash folder that takes a lot of space in Gmail. So, to free up Gmail space, you have to delete trash folder items. Click on Trash, here you will find all the recently or previously deleted items. Then next, you can click on the “Empty Trash” button and then all the items will get removed permanently and you will find free space.

5. How to Free up Space in Gmail by Downloading Local Copies?

If you don’t want to delete any message permanently, then download a copy to your local email client. Move to the settings page, and switch on the POP or IMAP option. This option allows you to find the messages or emails into a desktop program and then you have to export or save them as needed.

If you want to free Google space, then use Gmail Email Backup Tool to make a backup to your desktop and then it lets you delete emails from the mailbox. This will easily resolve Gmail is out of space issue.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed 5 tricks to resolve the “how to free up space in Gmail account” issue. Also, how we can use Gmail Backup professional utility to remove Gmail space. I hope, it will help you out.