Outlook PST Merger To Merge or Combine Multiple PST Files Together

Managing multiple PST files is quite confusing so you can make use of the PST Merger to merge multiple PST files into one. Having the emails of all PSTs in one PST file makes it easy to manage and use. This software can merge PST files of any Outlook Version together in just a few steps. You will just have to add multiple PST Files to the software, choose the merging option, select folders like email, calendar, tasks, contacts, journal, & notes, and then merge all of them together in a single PST File.

  • You can Merge PST Files Merge PST Items like email, calendar, tasks, contacts, journal, & notes together and Join PST Files Joins Two PST but create two different folders for email, calendar, tasks, contacts, journal, & notes in One PST using this tool.
  • Merges all types of PST files irrespective of the Outlook Version it is created on like MS Outlook 2019, 2013, 2016, 2010, and older versions.
  • Highly Compatible with Unicode and ANSI PST Files.
  • Supports all versions of Windows OS including the latest versions.
  • Combines PST files to a new PST file or even an existing PST file.
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Outlook PST Merger Box

Benefits of PST File Merger Software

  • Users can go for the Join PST Files option to join their preferred PST files by creating a new folder for each chosen PST file in a new Outlook PST file.
  • You can choose the Merge PST Files option to merge each and every folder of selected Outlook PST files in a new PST file.
  • Users can remove or exclude duplicate items from the new PST file while merging.
  • This software merges email, calendar, tasks, contacts, journals, & notes together.
  • This PST Merger performs an ultra-fast merging process of Outlook Data Files.
  • Easily join or add two or more PST files into a single PST file
  • Merge single or multiple PST files to an existing PST file.
  • Free PST Merge Tool is also available for performance evaluation.

Need for Outlook File Merger

Merging Only Contacts of PSTs

Merging Only Contacts of PSTs

Outlook users store contacts on their multiple Outlook accounts and when they want to merge all of them into one then they need to merge the PST files as well. So, the PST Merger will help you to merge all contacts with names and numbers into one PST File.

Joining Two PST Files Together

Joining Two PST Files Together

You will need the Merger Software for PST File when you want to join two PST files into one and then import that PST to your Outlook Account. After importing that PST file, two different mailboxes appear in your account with different folders in them.

Merging Two PSTs and Removing Duplicates

Merging Two PSTs and Removing Duplicates

This software is the need of the hour when you have a lot of duplicate items in multiple PST files and you want to merge all of them together eliminating the duplicate items. So, by using this software, you can easily remove all duplicate items from the multiple PST files while merging them.

3 Quick Steps to Merge PST Files

Follow these Quick Software overview of Best PST Merger Tool to understand its working

Features and Benefits of PST Merger Software

Merges Outlook PST Files

Merges Outlook PST Files

The PST Merge Tool joins multiple PST files together into one PST file. It keeps all the data intact while merging all items and not a single data is lost during this process. You will just have to add multiple PST files and click on the merge button to merge all of them.

Combines ANSI and Unicode PST Files

Combines ANSI and Unicode PST Files

You can combine all types of PST files together whether it is in ANSI format or Unicode Format. The ANSI version of the PST file is an older version and still many people have this type of PST file. So, you can even merge them to the Unicode version of the PST.

Supports All Versions of MS Outlook

Supports All Versions of MS Outlook

No matter, which Outlook version the user is using, the Outlook PST Merger smoothly runs on all advanced and previous versions such as MS Outlook (2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013) and higher version MS Outlook 2016

Secure New Outlook PST with Password

Secure New Outlook PST with Password

Security is one of the major concerns for many Outlook users. So, the PST Merger Software allows users to apply the password to the merged PST file. Using this additional feature, users can protect their new resultant merge Outlook PST files with a new password.

Quick PST Merging

Quick PST Merging

Outlook PST Merger Software tool efficiently merges multiple PST files into a single Outlook PST file at just a single click. The Merger is loaded with a highly sophisticated algorithm that enables the user to freely select any number of PST files without any combinations and execute the fast combinational merge PST process.

Fully Compatible with all Operating Systems

Fully Compatible with all Operating Systems

PST Merger, a windows System utility supports all Windows 98, NT, 2000, Server 2003, 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. So, no matter what Windows user is working on, this Software works well on all the major Windows Operating Systems.

Exclusion of Duplicates

Exclusion of Duplicates

This offers another smart feature i.e. excluding duplicate items. With this option, users can abandon the duplicate item folder from merging. To use this option. user has to simply choose the option of Remove Duplicates given in the PST merger software.

Multiple Options to Merge Outlook PST

Multiple Options to Merge Outlook PST

The Outlook PST Merger is specially made for the user’s ease. Accordingly, this merger wizard provides users with different excellent features to effectively combine multiple PST files into only consolidated Outlook PST files on the basis of email, calendar, tasks, contacts, journal, & notes.

Merges PST Files to an Existing One

Merges PST Files to an Existing One

The software has advanced options ie. Add PST File to the existing Outlook profile, which enables you to add the PST file directly to the Outlook profile after you merge or join multiple PST files.

Compatible with Windows

No Limitations

The software does not bind its users with limitations i.e, you can merge Outlook PST files without any limitations. So you can join any number of Outlook PST files into a single one in just some simple steps.

Comparison of PST Merger Full Version and Free Version

Check the features and benefits of the free and full versions of this software and buy accordingly.

Product Features Free Version Full Version
Merges multiple Outlook Data Files into a Single PST
Join/Merge PST files
Merge Contacts and other items
Saves Merged PST Files 25 Items All Items
Supports Password Protected Outlook PST Files
Supports Unicode and ANSI PST File Type
Password Protects the Output Files
Compatible with all Windows OS versions.
24*7 Tech Support & 100% Secure
Price Free $49 Onwards

Money Back Gurantee

Feel Free to Purchase Products! We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction & security and thus we provide 30 days money-back guarantee. View Details.

Software Specification

Here is given the PST Merge Tool specifications, users can follow before use of this software for ease of working:-

Supported Versions
  • Processor: Pentium Class Processor
  • Minimum Memory: 512MB RAM (1GB Recommended)
  • Disk Space: Enough disk space to store data
Compatible Versions
  • Operating System: Windows 11/ 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000/ 98/ NT (32 & 64 Bit)
  • Support Outlook Versions: 2019/ 2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007/ 2003/ 2002/ 2000/ 98/ 97

An free PST merger tool is accessible for merging up to 25 items in each PST file only.

Single User License - Only for personal or single usage, not for corporate purposes.

Administrator License - Suggested for large Enterprises, Government organizations, and educational undertakings.

Technician License - Recommended for the technocrats or administrators who offer their services to other clients.

Enterprise License - For Commercial/ Business/ Govt./ Firm/Organization/Technical Usage

Frequently Asked Questions

Having any doubts while running the Outlook PST Merger Software, check out these FAQ sections, and get your answer immediately.

No, the PST Merger software does not support corrupted or damaged PST files and if your PST files are corrupted or damaged then you have to recover those damaged PST files first, before using the PST merging process. If your PST files are corrupted then you can use the PST Recovery Tool of MailConverterTools. The Tool comprises many additional features like low footprints of ex-files. The PST Recovery Tool also allows you to import the PST file in many different formats.

No, you will not need MS Outlook if you have separate PST files saved on your system and you have to merge all of them.

Joining PST files generate a consolidated PST having all the email items irrespective of duplicate PST items. All joined PST files will preserve in a separate folder inside a big joined PST file. All data items like email, calendars, folders, tasks, contacts, etc. remain intact. But the Merge operation involves some smart process as it will generate a big single Outlook PST file and all the folders of selected PST files share the same root folder and respective of hierarchy like it was in the original individual PST files.

Yes, the tool to merge Outlook PST files will offer a Remove Duplicates features through which one can remove the duplicate PST items from merging PST files.

Users can also merge Outlook files by trying some manual steps which work well for files few in number. But sometimes it may become time-consuming when the files are large in number To avoid such situations, users can employ third-party software. Moreover, Only one Outlook PST file can be merged at a single time. It may be a complicated process if you have large PST files to merge.

Sometimes with the continuous use of MS Outlook, your system is overloaded with plenty of PST files mailbox and it becomes very painful to open each single PST file and search for the desired mailbox item or content. Managing multiple PST files at a time is a very tedious and hectic task for users. So to fight this issue, combining multiple PST files into a single one becomes the best option.

PST is an Outlook data file and the initial stands for Personal Storage Table. As it is attached to your Outlook client, it can be found in your local computer system. All the mailbox items consisting of messages, contacts, calendar events, etc. are stored in the PST file.

Software Review

Software Suggest

Software Suggest is titled this utility as the best and top-notch Outlook PST Merger Software software as it allows users to recover bulk no of PST files due to its simple interface.


Online Outlook PST Merger Software Software got a 5-star rating from Soft32 for its safe and quick PST Converter with 100 % data accuracy. Along with that, the software provides the best services with 24*7 support to the users.

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